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The Price of Freedom (Pirates of the Caribbean)

The Price of Freedom (Pirates of the Caribbean) - A.C. Crispin, Ann Carol Crispin A pretty fun ride through the early days of Jack Sparrow, if not a long one. Two books in one with intertwining, related stories, from Sparrow's younger days, crafted by Crispin, a master of back story as she proved with the Han Solo books in the 90s. Crispin captures the feel of the movies and mixes in some historical accuracy and elements of swords & sorcery, including African characters, revisits from Barbossa and Davy Jones and, of course, British baddies as Sparrow tries to play it straight but finds he's almost too good for it. A romantic triangle, murderous fellow pirates, greedy slave selling EITC men and even Americans come along for the ride in an adventure that's worth the effort. Recommended.