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Triggers - Robert J. Sawyer So strongly written, great characters, great suspense, great plot, but just fell apart in the last give chapters. For me, it totally jumped the shark. I just couldn't buy the ending. It seemed like Sawyer pushed the limits of credulity. Even in the context of the world in which he tells it, it just wasn't believable, and that's too bad. Because up until that point, he totally had me. I was turning pages and couldn't stop. I was on the edge of my seat. I was even hoping it was the start of a trilogy, but ultimately, it appears Sawyer struggled to find a way to keep it going and that the ending suffered for it. Sawyer has deservedly won all the big awards and many more. He is one of the finest writers working in science fiction today, but read Flashfoward and the WWW books, if you want to see him at his best. This, for me, doesn't live up to his usual, at least at the end, and endings do matter. Excellent craft except for that one thing but it spoiled it for me.