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Han Solo at Stars' End

Han Solo at Stars' End - Brian Daley Still a fun read after all of these years but different than the Post-Expanded Universe books because it's mostly disconnected from the rest of the Star Wars Universe. Written at a time when Lucas was experimenting with his brand but didn't want anything written that would force his hand on the movies, etc., it takes Solo and Chewbacca off to a distant place far removed from The Empire, Jabba the Hutt and more. While it does examine their pre-Luke Skywalker life, it makes no references to anything familiar other than the two characters and their beloved ship, making it markedly different than most other Star Wars tie-ins. Still, the character do feel like those we grew to love on screen and they do have fun banter and action adventures. Daley wisely throws in some alien races and droids without them seeming too close to the beloved ones from the films either. And the books are short and well-paced. Altogether good reads that fit in nicely beside A.C. Crispin's deeper examination of Solo's early years and meeting Chewbacca.