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Prophecy Of The Kings: The Trilogy

Prophecy Of The Kings: The Trilogy - David  Burrows I really wanted to like this and give it a good rating. The story is solid and compelling, but due to poor execution/presentation, I couldn't go on after page 146. The author has talent and good ideas, but one of the hazards of self-publishing is not working with an editor, and one was sorely needed here. There are an abundance of typos, sound-alike words used in the wrong place, and even plot holes which an editor would have helped resolve. After a while, this just became annoying and I put the book down for other things. I may some day go back to see how the story ended (at least part 1) but for now, I just have too many books demanding attention. I hope the writer will keep striving though, because he clearly has a solid grasp of fantasy and is learning his craft.