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Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett, P.I., #4)

Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett, P.I., #4) - Glen Cook I really enjoyed my first Glen Cook. Which is good, since he's a friend of mine. This was not what I expected from a PI book, which is because it's original but the one struggle was the world building. The author obviously established this world in prior books but his assumption that we'd pick it up was a bit ambitious. I found it confusing because I never got a real sense of the world at large. The story is set on a large estate and thus, we never see the world outside of it. So that's partly the nature of the story. But as an entry point in this series, I found myself a bit confused as to what era or period this world relates to in our own world's history. And thus, had trouble grounding myself with it. That aside, the characters are well developed as was the mystery. And the pacing was good as well as the humor. A solid read. Recommended.