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Sins of the Son

Sins of the Son - Linda Poitevin A strong sophomore effort with good storytelling and pacing only marred by the introduction quickly of so many new characters that it takes a while to connect this time around. As a result, this book does not serve well as an entry way to the series and really requires SINS OF THE ANGELS be read first to grasp what's going on and get the full power. Still strongly written, although, at times, a few of the characters got a bit cartoonish, in particular Lucifer and his minions. Poitevin takes us out of Toronto to Vancouver this time, exploring yet another of Canada's great cities. I wonder where she'll take us in the third book? Perhaps to her own home, Ottawa? The familiar old characters are back, except Roberts who barely has a cameo, and the book is paced fairly well with the exceptions mentioned. The storyline is powerful, although I found it a bit less satisfying emotionally due to a shift some characters' roles which I can't specify without it being a spoiler. Still a strong and enjoyable book. Recommended.