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The Third Lynx

The Third Lynx - Timothy Zahn I enjoyed this thoroughly. Full of tension and suspense like its' predecessor, Lynx finds Frank Compton chasing another mystery involving the Modhri group mind, the Spiders and the Chahwyn. In the midst of it, he falls in love with the woman he's struggling to protect, comes into conflict with a federal agent, and finds his life once again on the line.

These books are Timothy Zahn at his best: fast-paced action, political intrigue, well drawn characters, and interesting science. Here he's created a fascinating world full of interesting humans and interesting aliens.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes good space opera. The uniqueness is no laser gun fights and no space battles. These are replaced by battles of the mind, different dangerous weapons, and a constant running to and from danger. It's a thoroughly enjoyable ride.