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Rage of the Behemoth

Rage of the Behemoth - Jason M. Waltz, Jeff Stewart, Mary Rosenblum, Lois Tilton, Martin Turton, Michael Ehart, A. Kiwi Courters, Kate Martin, Bruce Durham, Jason E. Thummel, Brian Ruckly, Frederick Tor, C.L. Werner, Daniel R. Robichaud, Jeff Draper, T.W. Williams, Andrew J. Offutt, Sean T.M. S Solid, enjoyable adventure with one week section. The Stories in the ice monster section I could have done without. Overall, a bit long, so the antho would be more enjoyable for most spread out over time. Reading the stories back to back, their similarities cause them to blend together. There are a few that are really outstanding though, and it's altogether a very solid collection.