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Arctic Rising

Arctic Rising - Tobias S. Buckell Solid thriller but has some implausibilities toward the end. If you like thrillers, and your politics line up with the author's worth checking out, if, like me, thrillers are once in a while reads and your politics are more to the right, you might not enjoy it as much. This book does make assumptions about Global Warming and some other things which might rub some the wrong way. That said, the author has every right to write what he wants and send the message he wants, just be warned that it might not be enjoyed by some for this reason. He does develop characters and tension well. It does have African and Caribbean characters which is very cool. He has a pretty diverse cast. It's not the typical western hero by any means. It's slow at times, mostly when he extrapolates about the government mechanics or character monologues wax on a bit long but also in a section setting up the end where it felt like time just stopped for a chapter or two when the characters should have been moving more quickly. The ending also felt like things fell into place a little neatly which jumped the shark for me and killed the suspense of the wrap up. Otherwise the pace moves at a nice clip. I certainly feel he captured a nice thriller pace overall. Several of the imaginings of our future world are fascinating to think about. I think they'd be more so if it were less political, but that's my own taste of course.