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The Warded Man

The Warded Man - Peter V. Brett Just about as perfect a debut novel as I could imagine. One might nitpick some places where the detail was generic or other minor qualms, but Brett's book captures and hooks you early on and won't let go. I couldn't put it down. In fact, only reading another can't put it down novel forced me to. I literally could have read it 24 hours until it was done. The lack of a central antagonist is an interesting choice as are some elements of cultural differences which Brett uses well. I didn't feel I got as clear a picture of the world as I'd like and that's where a map would have been most useful. But the character arcs and plotting are so engaging, who cares? The magic system, which starts as low magic and builds, is fascinating as are other elements of the societal and economic situation and divisions. Medieval feel but not the usual fantasy setting in many ways. Really a delight. Highly recommended.