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Wide Open

Wide Open - Deborah Coates A really strong debut and a captivating read marred only by an ending I struggled to find credible. It's the method of the ending, not the action of it. It's not well enough set up for me to believe or understand why it happens, and, as a result, I found myself disappointed ultimately despite not being able to put the book down for much of its length. The characters are captivating, the world, Rapid City, SD, captures you, the ideas are fascinating, and it feels real emotionally, etc. It's well written, well paced, and very strong, a good read. But I wished the ending worked as well as the rest of it. Still, very recommended. This is urban fantasy/horror involving ghosts, dark magic, and light occult elements. It's very much contemporary for much of it, with a few speculative elements thrown in, but these increase as the story progresses and play a big role in the ending.