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Impulse - Steven Gould I reserve fives for books where I can't imagine doing anything different. Where I can't find a single flaw I can honestly say would have made the book stronger. So I don't give those out very often. This is one of those exceptional cases. What an amazing, page turner of a read. Just perfect in every way. With not only exceptional craft but an exceptional spirit. Gould has written a book about a teen protagonist that examines teen angst and struggles without wallowing down in the usual "me against them" parental-child relationship and rebellion. Cent has her moments of struggle and rebellion with her parents, but at the heart, they love and understand and respect each other on a level that's the exception, not the rule in this type of literature to my experience. At the same time, they face incredible dangers together and through it all, all three manage to grow and change in ways that challenge them, challenge their expectations of each other and, at the same time, cause them to grow closer. It's well paced, with extremely well drawn characters. In fact, even most of the minor characters seem to grow, and it's so subtly done that you don't notice it until the end. This book is not just for young adults, but for everyone. A great story of family, friendship and adventure all wrapped up in one with fun science fiction dressing. Highly recommended. One of the best of the year, no doubt.