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The Thousand Names

The Thousand Names - Django Wexler A very impressive major debut, although not a first novel, a first major one, and well done. Strong characterization and worldbuilding with great action and historical elements woven in. A Napoleonic fantasy in every since with magic, swords and flintlock guns as well as military structure, religious elements and more. A very interesting story with Point Of View characters who hooked me and made me want to keep going and not put it down. I definitely look forward to more. Marred only by one thing that's not the writer's fault at all -- poor copyediting which allowed missing words and even some blatant errors to remain. That's disappointing given it's Penguin, as I usually find only one or two in major publisher's works but found quite a few more here. However, nothing destroyed the read. And frankly, this book is worth discovering for both fantasy and historical fiction fans. Highly recommended.